About us

djembe_profile_juma_drums_small_signJuma Drums was co-founded in Cape Town, 2013 with the aim to offer professional African music education and entertainment to the public and private sector.

We provide lessons and group workshops for all levels in djembe drumming, lamellophones kalimba & mbira, dance and song.

Wamila Band Soundcloud – Juma Drums performance duo 


dingiswayo_juma_profile_juma_drums_small_signDingiswayo Juma
Lead facilitator, performer and multi-instrumentalist. He teaches African music lessons to individuals and groups from beginner to advanced level how to play the kalimba, mbira, djembe, mbirimba, body percussion, African dance and song. He also makes instruments: the 22 and 23-key Mbira dzavadzimu and the 15-key Kalimba, see Kalimba and Mbira. He does drum repair and customization for djembe, ngoma and various other drums, see Drum Repair.

Dingiswayo has more than 10 years of experience leading and facilitating drumming workshops. He has collaborated as lead facilitator with many drumming ensembles in Cape Town and beyond such as the Drum Cafe, Naturali Catchi, Drumming SA and Beat It. He performs mbira music with the mbira band Simbarembira and has done international tours solo and with family band Ambuya Nyati.

charlotte_juma_profile_juma_drums_small_signCharlotte Juma
Workshop facilitator, performer, instrumentalist, vocalist, administrator and webdesign. She plays the bass drum, djembe, kalimba, piano, guitar, timpani and percussionShe studied a Bachelor of Arts in music and anthropology at the University of Cape Town majoring in Classical piano and African music & instruments. She has performed with various ensembles, orchestras and bands such as Ibuyambo Orchestra, SambAfrik, National Film Orchestra, Choir Amuse Vocale and the Goois Youth Orchestra. Charlotte performs and provides piano accompaniment for choirs, singers and instrumentalists.