Kalimba & Mbira

Quality African kalimba and mbira instruments for sale in different sizes and tunings. All lamellophones are handmade by Dingiswayo Juma.

Contact us for prices, orders and custom requests via email jumadrums@gmail.com

For international sales, shipping and orders see our online shop – Kalimba Shop.

Kalimba & Mbira Catalog

All pictures are examples of instruments that can be made on order if not in stock. Mbira and Kalimba instruments are standard tuned in major keys and can be made in minor or custom tunings on request. Contact us to discuss the options.

Dimensions are length x width. If you click on the picture you will link to the instrument description on KalimbaShop. For videos and sound of our instruments see the Juma Drums Youtube Channel.

Small Kalimba in C major (14 x 13cm):



Small Kalimba in B major (15 x 14cm):


Medium Kalimba in A major (17 x 14cm):



Medium Kalimba in E-flat major (16,5 x 14,5cm):


Large Kalimba in D major (18 x 16cm)



Large Kalimba maple wood F major (19 x 17cm):


Large Kalimba 19-key in F major (19,5 x 17cm):


Small Mbira in E (21 x 18,5cm):



Medium Mbira in G (24 x 20cm):


Medium mbira in A (23 x 21cm):


Large mbira in G Mavembe (G minor) (25 x 22cm):