Team building drumming

Team building drumming workshop at Ocean Trade with Juma DrumsTeam building drumming is a great activity for employees and co-workers at a yearly or special function. It is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. Group drumming provides a unique opportunity to work on group cohesion. Playing music together combines fun with team effort and communication, essential elements in any workspace.

Our team building drumming workshop can be done at your venue of choice, indoors or outdoors. Juma Drums will provide a djembe drum for each participant to play and experienced drumming facilitators to lead the group. The workshop will be 1 hour. The duration can be longer or shorter upon request.

Benefits of a team building drumming workshop

  • drumming encourages group cohesion and cooperation
  • fun activity that involves every participant
  • Team building drumming workshop with Juma Drumsgroup dynamics can be observed in a circle setup
  • every member is included as an equal participant
  • musical entertainment
  • making music as a group improves team effort
  • ice-breaker for new members of the team
  • release of stress and tension
  • unique shared African musical experience

1 hour team building drumming workshop includes

  • a djembe drum for every participantTeam building drumming workshop with Cape of Good Hope SPCA - Juma Drums
  • 2 – 4 experienced drum facilitators and performers
  • (optional) interactive African dance like the gumboot dance
    (see kalimba and dance workshops)

More Information

Email: jumadrums@gmail.comTeam building drumming workshop with Badisa at Oude Molen Village with Juma Drums


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