Kalimba & Dance Workshops

African Dance Workshops

Interactive African dance workshops are suitable for events, corporate functions, conferences, children parties, birthdays, family events, visitors, celebrations and can be done with groups from 10 – 300 people either in combination with interactive drumming. Movement and fun at the same time!

In the African dance workshop we use body percussion and other type dances to engage, interact and learn about rhythm. It is also a good work-out exercise.

What African dances can you learn?

  • South African gumboot dance: body percussive dance
  • South African Xhosa or Zulu traditional dance
  • Zimbabwean traditional dance: Shona mbira dance

We can do an African dance workshop at your venue, enquire for the possibilities.

   Juma_Drums_Drumming_Birthday_Party_30_Jan_2016_3   4:12 Drumming Workshop Juma Drums with Badisa - Body Dance 3

Kalimba Workshops

Experience the soothing sound of the Kalimba! In the Kalimba workshop you can learn how
to play a few songs on the Kalimba, the 15-key African lamellophone. You also learn how the instrument is constructed and build and have the chance to listen to a performance of African kalimba repertoire. You also have the option to learn a kalimba dance.

Kalimba workshops offered by Juma Drums:

  • Learn to play Kalimba: interactive workshop with the southern African lamellophone 15-keys
  • Making a kalimba: learn about the process of making a kalimba

Suitable for groups of children (from 12 years) and adults.

The Kalimba and Mbira are some of the oldest traditional instruments in Africa. The Kalimba, also called Nyunga Nyunga, can be found across southern Africa and the Mbira dza Vadzimu originates in Zimbabwe. Both instruments are played with the thumbs and
index finger on the metal keys.

Kalimba workshops can be held at your venue, enquire for the possibilities.

Kalimba_A_OvalBuzzer_TRANSPHOTOSHOP_5_7_15_JumaKalimbashop             AMS_Workshop_Dec_2013_Kalimba_Workshop_WEB

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